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Traits of a Great Custom-built Facebook Application
Well-designed, visually appealing applications are good, but there are five traits that make a Facebook application great:

1. It has a clear purpose. Whether you’re running a contest, showing off your product line, or offering some coupons, every app needs a clear purpose. If you’re hosting a simple enterto-win contest on an app, all it needs are graphics, the entry form, and contest rules. Adding too much unnecessary content can be distracting and make your app look cluttered.

It’s also a good idea to make your app measurable so that you can see exactly how it’s performing. Creating a Facebook-only promo code or listing a unique telephone number on an application are two methods of tracking its success.

2. It should be functional. A big block of text isn’t going to hold anyone’s attention. Add videos, a Twitter stream, or SoundCloud to your app. Interactive features keep your fans looking at your content and thinking about your business longer.

3. It should match your other branding efforts. Consistency is key. Great applications always support a business’ look and feel, so use your business’ colors, incorporate its logos, use uniform text styles, and integrate the overarching message. When creating a Facebook application for your business’ Page, keep more than the design in mind. As much as aesthetics play a large role in whether an application is great, the thought, meaning behind the design, and content can prove to be more important.

4. It offers incentives. What separates a good application from a great application is its “Like” ratio: the number of app views to the number of “Likes” the Page receives. The best Facebook applications capture user interest and often feature or allude to special offerings. Fangating content is a way to do exactly that.

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