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To make sure your business is poised for Facebook success, first set up a Facebook Page for your business.

If you’re operating a Facebook profile (i.e. a personal profile) for your business rather than a Page, fear not. Converting a Facebook profile to a brand Page--a process Facebook calls “Profile to Business Migration”--is simple and painless.

We’ll tell you how in a minute. But prior to converting your profile to a Page, there are a couple consequences you need to be aware of. First, when the conversion process occurs, all profile friends and subscribers will be converted into Page Likes. Second, all uploaded photos will be transferred over to the fan Page, while all other content, like previous Page postings and other Page content, will be lost. Login information will, however, remain the same.

If you’re worried about the loss of the your profile content, access your account settings and download a copy of your Facebook data before engaging in the migration process.

Create your Facebook page and get your likes now...

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