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Timing is everything. There are numerous studies that aim to define the best days and times to post. These recommendations should be interpreted loosely, since Facebook log-on and engagement tendencies vary across Facebook user groups. To determine the optimal posting time for your targeted Facebook audience, you’ll need to experiment a little. Break from your regular posting schedule and see what results come of the change.

Use Facebook’s new features. Keeping up with Facebook’s near-constant changes can be challenging, but it’s a good idea to do so. When Facebook introduces a new feature, engagement with that new feature is highlighted in News Feeds over other Facebook interactions. So instead ofwaiting to gauge whether a new feature will be popular or not, use the feature when it’s launched to get more News Feed attention.

How to Choose an Image for the Best Post Engagement

Landing your Page’s content in the News Feed is a daunting task for Page Admins and marketers alike. However, the right kind of image can be your secret weapon. Images have proven time and again to be the most engaging form of media to post in a Status Update, provided the image meets a few parameters.

Show a human (or at least part of one). Pictures of a product on a white background are boring. So are logos. A logo can be used for a profile picture, but photos in posts should be conversation pieces. As clichéd as it might sound, Facebook has the word “face” in it for a reason.

When displaying a product, show a happy customer using that product with a smile on his or her face. Remember that your Page’s posts are competing with the posts of your fans’ friends. Think of what attracts your attention when you scroll through your personal News Feed and translate that into a great photo post for your business.

Use candid photos. Use nonprofessional photography — snapshots and candid photos. The less “staged” a photo is, the better. If your business is a t-shirt design company, snap some shots of your customers wearing your clothing while they’re hanging out with friends or cruising the town. The more natural the photo is, the more genuine it will come across. Most important, it will feel less like a sales pitch. Have a good message. The photo might catch the eye, but the caption will trigger engagement. Strive for a short message — a single sentence, a question that fans can answer and interact with, or even a guessing game. For example, a t-shirt company can post a photo of a customer wearing one of its shirts at a popular spot in town and ask fans to guess where that person is hanging out. If a fan needs to click “read more” to see the rest of your post, then the post is too long. Short and sweet is the key.

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